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You know that song that was playing in your favorite movie? That tune that made your heart soar, and your eyes well up with tears? Let's take those notes and play them at the first moment your groom sees you on your wedding day, walking down the aisle to become his wife. Choosing TDP ensures that your wedding soundtrack has the element of timeless beauty.

By mixing songs that you cherish with classical music, you can create a wedding soundtrack that is very personal, but also has universal appeal. Whether you listen to Metallica or Mumford and Sons, Eric Clapton, or Coldplay, we're all about taking your favorite songs - the soundtrack to your lives - and dressing them up to become the soundtrack of your wedding day! And oh yea... we play Mozart too!

Which Bride Are You?


Below are some sample ideas of ceremony music for all different kinds of brides. We hope this helps you in the process of choosing your own soundtrack for your special day.

*(Recordings of these songs coming soon!)